Volk Racing Valve Stem - SF Series 90 angle L55mm Chrome

Volk Racing Valve Stems
  • Item #: WHLVLKSFL55
  • Manufacturer: Volk Racing
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: SFL55

Volk Racing Valve Stem - SF Series 90 angle L55mm Chrome. Fits Volk Racing SF series two piece forged wheels, SF Challenge, SF Winning, Volk AV3. Comes with Blue end cap with "RAYS" logo in it. Valve stems are sold individually. This item to be discontinued when stock is depleted. Length is measured from the center of the valve stem coming up from the base, straight across to the end of valve stem, without the cap. This valve stem will measure 55mm. Metric conversion, 25.4mm = 1 inch.

Alterntive: The Volk Racing GT Series L-55mm valve stems can be used in place of this item. #WHLVLKGTL55 The only difference is the "RAYS" logo valve stem cap.



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