Tomei - Cam Cap Studs Set - RB26DETT - #TA505A-NS05A

Tomei - Cam Cap Studs Set - Nissan RB26DETT - #TA505A-NS05A
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  • Item #: TOMTA505A-NS05A
  • Manufacturer: Tomei
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: TA505A-NS05A

Tomei - Cam Cap Studs Set - Nissan RB26DETT - #TA505A-NS05A 

M6 P1.00.  Material - SCM435

When using the high lift profile camshafts for high RPM use the stress loads on the cam caps will be extreme and much higher than what the engineers had originally designed the stock studs for. These bolts are designed and made from Chrome Moly Alloy which will allow you to use with cam lift profiles of up to 12.0mm and for up to 10,000 RPM safely. When using the high lift camshafts engine builders of the past had to depend on the stock bolts. Running the risk of the incorrect strength of the studs, nuts screw holes were always a worry. But now with these Tomei studs the extra strength will allow for pushing your engines performance to new levels for bigger power gains.

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