TPMS Mounting Strap and Cradle - Set of four

Tire Pressure Sensor (tpms)- Mounting Strap and Cradle
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Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensor (TPMS) Universal Mounting Strap and Cradle- Set of four. The TPMS strap is made from 304 stainless steel. The strap exceeds all OEM torque specifications. Fits on wheels from 13 inch to 26 inch in diameter. These TPMS straps are easy to use. Just fit around drop center of the wheel, cut off excess material, slide on OE bracket or use our TPMS bracket, and just tighten with a screwdriver. TPMS Cradle is adjustable to accommodate different valve stem angles. Sold in a set of four TPMS adjustable straps and four TPMS cradles. Fits most wheel applications. The hole diameter for the TPMS valve stem is ~12.6mm. The cradle area for the TPMS is ~73.5mm wide. The tab to mount the TPMS valve stem comes flat and can be adjusted to match the angle of the different TPMS valve stems. TPMS not included. TPMS Sold separately.

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