SARD Sport Fuel Pressure Regulator with -6AN fittings

Sard Sport Fuel Pressure Regulator. picture shown with 8mm nipple.
  • Item #: PERSAR69011
  • Manufacturer: SARD

SARD Sport Fuel Pressure Regulator with -6AN fittings. Two -6AN fittings included. Universal. Maintains stable fuel pressure at high-horsepower levels. Sensitive adjustment allows setting of optimum fuel pressure. Service hole in regulator perfect for pressure gauge installation or as a feed for nitrous systems or additional injector setups. SARD fuel pressure regulates 2.0 - 8.0 kg/cm2 (bar) 200 - 800KPa. One of the highest outputs on the market! Sard Sport and Sard Full-Race models available. SARD FRP Sport - Regulator size 50mm x 96mm. Ideal for most vehicles up to ~ 450ps. Fuel rail fitting adapters also available. One of the Best Fuel Pressure Regulators on the market! Made in Japan.

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Price $210.00
Sale Price $165.00

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