Muteki Open End Red 12x1.50mm Lug Nuts

Muteki RED open end lug nuts
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  • Item #: WHLWM31886R
  • Manufacturer: Muteki
Muteki lightweight spline driven open end Red acorn seat 12x1.50mm lug nuts. Sold in 20 pc packs w/ special adapter key. Each Muteki Lug weighs only 36g, This is lighter than typical lug nuts at 60g. Made of cold forged 1008 steel, which enables the lug nut to be made smaller and lighter, but strength to match or exceed other standard lug nut specifications. Smaller compact size 20mm diameter and 34mm tall. Available in Purple, Red, Blue, Chrome and Black. Open or Closed end. 12x1.25mm or 12x1.5mm. Additional Special Adapter Keys sold separately for $20.00 each.
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Price $65.00
Sale Price $55.25

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