Momo Hub Adapter - #4538 Ford, Mazda-Hex Type

Momo Hub Adapter - Ford, Mazda - Hex Type Steering Shaft
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  • Item #: MOMHUB4538
  • Manufacturer: Momo
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 4538

Momo Hub Adapter - Fits Ford and Mazda Hex Type Steering shaft. Solid Race Hub, Not collapsible. Fits some Mustang 2005+, Ford Focus, Mazda 3. Modification may be required. May lose blinker cancel, horn and air bag features. Black wrinkle finish. Six Momo Steering Wheel Screws, Horn Button Retaining Ring, and Allen Wrench Included. For cars without airbag: Do not attempt to install this kit yourself unless you have been properly trained in the installation and maintenance of car steering wheels. Do not attempt to install this kit without having previously read the instruction manual. Incorrect installation can lead to a steering wheel failure which can cause an accident resulting in serious personal injury or death. For cars with airbag: Every automobile manufactured in the United States must be equipped with an automatic restraint system which meets federal safety standards. MOMO has been advised it may well be a violation of federal law for any manufacturer, distributor, dealer or motor vehicle repair facility to remove an airbag or otherwise render it inoperative. Accordingly, federal law should be regarded as prohibiting MOMO distributors from removing an airbag steering wheel and replacing it with MOMO steering wheel. MOMO Expressly disclaims any liability for any and all damages, injury, or other recovery related to any MOMO steering wheel installed in a vehicle previously having an airbag system.

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Price $84.95

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