Mikuni 44PHH Gasket Kit with Pump Diaphragm Z70-1044+PD

Mikuni 44 PHH Carburetor Gaskets Rebuild Kit Z70-1044 with Pump Diaphragm Package Z70-1044+PD. Genuine Mikuni parts, Made in Japan. Solex.
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  • Item #: MIKZ70-1044+PD
  • Manufacturer: Mikuni
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: Z70-1044+PD

Mikuni 44 PHH Carburetor Gaskets Kit with Pump Diaphragm Package Part #Z70-1044+PD - Genuine Mikuni Parts. This Mikuni 44 PHH Gaskets Rebuild Kit Package includes items listed in the #Z70-1044 kit and One Pump Diaphragm (#N107.030). Made in Japan. Also includes Mikuni Decal. Mikuni 40 PHH kits also available. This rebuild kit is for the Aftermarket Mikuni PHH Performance Carburetor referenced in the exploded view image. The main difference between Mikuni Performance Aftermarket Carburetors and Mikuni Solex OEM carburetors is the Float Chamber Cover (FCC). The Float Chamber Cover is item #17, the FCC Gasket is item #18, in the exploded view. Please be sure your FCC matches the five bolt N115.013 gasket pictured. The four bolt N107.147 is not available a kit. The N107.147 is available for purchase separately. To identify the size of Mikuni PHH Carburetor, the Throttle Plate (Valve) of a 44 PHH will be stamped 175. A Mikuni 40 PHH will be stamped 165. Please confirm your Mikuni PHH carburetor type, size and match the items pictured, prior to ordering. Mikuni does not offer a specific rebuild kit for the Mikuni Solex OE applications. Some items do cross over, please refer to diagram and pictures.

Authorized Mikuni Distributor.

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Due to the Covid19 pandemic, we are experiencing supply disruptions. The ETA for the next available shipment is June 2020. We will fill back orders by the oldest order date first. If you would like to be placed on the back order list, please place your order and we will ship them out as soon as they are available. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

The Pump Diaphragms are currently back ordered. The 44PHH Z70-1044 gasket kits are still available, but due to skeleton warehouse staff at Mikuni the Gasket Rebuild Kits will not be packaged in the blister card packaging.


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