Corolla 84-88 Autopower 4pt Bolt in Race Roll Bar

Toyota Corolla 1984-1989 Autopower 4 point bolt in roll bar.
  • Item #: ROLAUT60460
  • Manufacturer: Autopower
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 60460

Corolla 1984-1988 Autopower 4pt Bolt in Race Roll Bar. DOM Steel. 1.75 inch Diameter. 1/20th inch thick. SCCA Approved. Direct fit, no welding required. Black finish. Autopower bolt-in roll bars are top-of-the-line in fit and design. Autopower is the originator of race legal bolt-in roll bars which is a cost effective alternate to custom-built roll bars. Many factory and independent race teams choose Autopower roll cages above all others. Manufactured one at a time allows tube size and options to be tailored to individual needs. Gloss black paint finish is applied and all mounting hardware is included. Made to order. Average lead time is 3-4 weeks. Please specify if you have a sunroof. Picture not acutal item. This item ships freight collect. You pay the frieght company directly for shipping costs, when delivered. Please contact us for freight estimates. Most Continental US freight costs are $65.00-$170.00. Paint Finish - Most steel products are sprayed with an industrial grade gloss black cover coat for rust protection. EXPECT some paint damage during shipping. You may want to refinish products before final installation. It is best to check fit and drill all holes before you repaint. There is NO paint finish guarantees. Pre-fit Roll bars and cages prior to installation. Installation should be performed by a experienced and knowledgeable professional. Guarantee: Autopower products are guaranteed to be free of defects due to workmanship or materials. Products will fit in an unmodified version of the vehicle which it was designed for. Liability is limited to repair or replacement of the defective part. Disclaimer: No warranty of any kind, express or implied is made respecting the products sold. Buyer assumes all risk and liability what-so-ever resulting from the use of said product. Some reasonably foreseeable impact may exceed the product's capability to protect against injury. There are limitations to the severity of impact that the product sold herein can withstand and the products are not a substitute for safe and careful driving.

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