510 69-77 Ground Control Coilovers

Ground Control Coilovers
  • Item #: SUSGRC6005.01
  • Manufacturer: Ground Control
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 6005.01

Datsun 510 69-77 Ground Control Coilovers. Works with Stock, Tokico High Performance, Tokico Illumina, Koni and KYB strut cartirdges. Removal of stock spring seat and welding required. All adjusters consist of a threaded sleeve and adjustable spring seat. And are made using high strength 6061-T6 aluminum; anodized for greater durability and appearance. The threads on the adjusters are square cut which locks the adjustable spring seat in place under load. A unique design,that uses an allen head bolt to clamp the single threaded perch intothe correct position. No secondary pieces are needed to "jam" thethreaded perch into position. This method of clamping onto the threadsalso prevents sand, grit, and water from getting into the threads,which is a common problem with jam nuts. Aluminum upper spring perches are included to insulate the spring. All Ground Control ride height adjustable kits now exclusively feature Eibach springs. All Eibach springs offer a lifetime warranty against spring rate change and sagging. Please specify shock type you will be using when ordering.

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Price $249.00

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